Feb. 8th, 2010

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Late last year, my mom and I were walking in the Reynolds shopping area, which is known to be a fairly upscale place. We had just finished shopping for Christmas presents for my sister, and were going to go get a late lunch. It had been snowing heavily, and though the parking lots were partially cleared there were still massive piles of snow everywhere.

We both noticed something while we were trying to find an entrance (the whole building was set up in a very odd way, and it didn't help we parked on the wrong side.) There was a handicapped entrance...but it didn't lead to the main entrance, it was hard to find, and there was a heap of snow shoveled right in front of it.

"Well." My mom said under her breath. "That's not very thoughtful."

I thought it was an unusual thing to notice for anyone. Accessibility of public buildings is not something most people give a lot of thought to. The fact it was coming from my mom, who I don't consider to be especially aware of disability rights concerns, it was doubly odd...and heartwarming.

And this is otherwise entirely unrelated, but speaking of heartwarming-ness...


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