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Just so you know I'm not dead, and actually working on things...

Here's part of a Pawstar-style lynx ear beanie I'm working on:

This is the first working pattern I've had. >_> It...actually didn't turn out horrible. Kinda resembles an ear, actually. It needs some trimming, It took me an incredibly roundabout way to get to it which involves tissue paper, markers, construction paper, and a lot of push-pins. I don't recommend it to anyone.

One thing I really need to do for the next iteration is find a way to reinforce the tufts...they're really floppy and blah. Not a lot of character to them. I think I know how, I just need to double up on the fleece and sew them together. However, I think I'll still finish this version...I want to have it done before December.

Oh yes...this is entirely hand-sewn. :3 I don't own a sewing machine, and hand-sewing is oddly therapeutic.

A writing update will be forthcoming. I am almost done with Sediea's commission, and after hers is finished, I'll get to the rest of my queue. Then I'll be picking up some backlog...and Anomie is at the bottom of my list. That being said, I already have part of the third chapter written, so it isn't forgotten. ;) Just on the backburner.
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