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Sediea's story is finally done! Actually it was done a few days ago, I just forgot to update here. ^^; Details, details. The story is here! It's also on my FurAffinity page if anyone's interested. I'm not especially proud of how it came out, but...well, it happened, and I think some of the ideas behind it were good.

So, basically right now my queue is looking like this...


Aleph ("Spiritual Awakening"): 95% done
Stormkit ("Waking Dreams":): 40% done

Yes, that's right, Aleph's is almost done! I probably could have finished it last night, but I got too tired to go on. ^^; It's been a very fun story to work on; we're even trying to work out some way of payment so I can continue it as a commission. After that, I'll probably collaborate with him on some worldbuilding documentation, since he had a very clear idea of what the world was like. It's a sci-fi story set in Earth's future, where the bad guys have already won, and...that's all the details I'm giving for now. XD

I'm a bit worried about Kit's story since it's hard to divine out exactly what he's like at the core, but hopefully I'm giving the right impression. >.> Will have to send an excerpt soon. Either way, the site should update on Monday along with some things from Feathertail!

Well, I have a whole new queue coming up! I'm still talking through the details with Feathertail (who's taking which requests, etc.) but so far this is what I'll definitely have:


Sediea (again :3)
Kenveevee (technically an art trade but shhhh. >_>)
Aleph (maybe?)



I'm looking forward to starting on this one. ^_^ I've already got some ideas on what I want to do for all of them.

Also, after I-don't-know-how-long of experimentation, I finally found the right pattern for Sediea's hat (I hope.) Am sewing it together now! I'd rather focus on writing for now, but I think I should have it done or nearly done by the end of the week. Give or take a few days. You know how I am with deadlines. ^^; Might get it done three days early, might get it done three days late. I really need to work on that. >.> Pics going here first, of course. :3

Anyway, that's how things are going now. ^_^ Sorry it took so long to update, microblogging is so easy in comparison it's easy to forget about my main blog.


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