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Firstly, happy holidays everyone. ^_^ Hope everyone's is going well. For once, mine of course this means I have to talk about it. >_>

Well, best news first, I guess. I've finally escaped from school. I'm not going back for this semester, and I'll spend the next few months (possibly the whole year) just working on costuming and writing, hopefully making money and not jinxing myself by announcing this on my blog. *knocks on wood*

That alone would make me happy enough. But it gets better-- I now actually have money to kick that off with, as a Christmas gift from my Gran. The scene went something like this:

"Hmm, Christmas card, that's n-- oh, hey there's money in it. Fifty dollars?! Wow! That'll really help-- wait there's a hundred dollar bill behind it. *pause* A HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS ASDSFJKGHOERW *faint*

Yes. Just like that. Trust me, I was shocked. ^^; I wasn't expecting money and even if I was I wouldn't have expected nearly that much. I loved my grandparents before but now aaaaaaugh. ;A; I still can't believe she's supporting this crazy dream of mine. I'm seriously on the verge of tears now.

Oh. She got me pajamas too, but that's not especially noteworthy, other than them being really comfortable and by sheer coincidence (I hope) they happen to have almost the same colors my fursona's fur has (pink, blue-grey, white, and black.)

Got to talk to my uncle too. ^_^ The IT guy, not the Aspie one. We talked about Linux, sounds like he's setting up a partition on his machine. We exchanged e-mail addresses, so hopefully something will come out of that.

Er, I am sending out presents this's just a bit late in happening since I have to schedule shopping and post office visits around my parents (yay limited number of cars,) and Mom scheduled hers late, and was so panicked over it she refused to have anyone come along. So, you might be getting yours a bit late. ^^;

Speaking of presents, I got a present from [personal profile] feathertail ! A copy of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. ^_^ It's vastly improved over the original PMD, I can already tell. Also, those of you who know me will be shocked to know I tested as having a Quirky nature. I know, I'd have never guessed either. :P

Anyway, that's enough of my rambling for now. XD; I'd like to leave everyone with the lyrics to my favorite Christmas song. This being something I like, it's not conventional at all, but I hope you find it as moving as I do. So here's Christmas Day by Shadow Gallery.

Outside the twilight rides high
And whispers of love sound deep in the night
Hope and promise of peace in our land
Is this Christmastime?

Dark winter watches our fire
And brings us promise of a new day
Distant eyes have gone a long way

Too far to see the snow that falls
The winds of change have come and gone
The cold has come I've been left out
I need your warmth you're all I have

If you're chasing a dream to nowhere
It's enchantment that leads the way
Just believe in yourself and go there
The gift of hope on Christmas day
If every eye holds a blank stare
After winter's gone away
Just believe in yourself and go there
You and I on Christmas day

There's a time when your doubts won't matter
There's a time all your fears can wait
All the times in the year for laughter
Oh Christmas day

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