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I went to my second furmeet yesterday at the park, and it was win. :D I had so much fun.

So, I could start this ran out the door around twelve. But I think the events leading up to it involving my frantic attempts to get everything together in time are worth mentioning. The idea was simple: make cookies for the picnic. Actually doing it went something like this:

11:00- "Hey. I should start those cookies now..." *pause, look at various sewing projects* "...After I finish this seam."

12:00- "Yay, done! Now it's time" *think* "Hmm. I had something important to do ,what was-- ooh, new Anime News Editorial episode..."

1:00- "Boy, I sure missed a lot of Anime News Editorial Episodes. They should have an RSS feed-- ooh, new Atop the Fourth Wall episode..."

4:00- "Hey, wasn't there something I was supposed to do? Oh, I remember now! ....I need to write more of the Therian sourcebook!"

6:00- "Yay Firefly!"

7:00- "Man, the new Epica album is so awesome. It makes me feel like writing!"

9:00- *typetypetype* *pause* *think* "...OH CRAP, I HAVE TO MAKE COOKIES."

9:30- *frantic running around and gathering ingredients, mixing ingredients, and other baking-related things*

10:00- "Yay, done! Now I can go distract myself again in peace."

...Things like this happen to me a lot. >_> The morning of wasn't much better, since it consisted mostly of me running around frantically going "I'M LEAVING IN TWO HOURS AND I CAN'T FIND MY HAT OR TAIL oh hey here they are WAIT WHERE'S MY SEWING KIT I CAN'T FIND MY SCISSORS AND I DON'T KNOW WHERE THE TUPPERWARE IS FOR THE COOKIES AND WHAT IF THE OTHER FURS DON'T LIKE ME OR THE CAR EXPLODES ON THE WAY AND here's the scissors and my kit AAAH I STILL HAVE TO PACK THE FOOD AAAAH COOKIES AAAAH."

Yes, it was exactly like that. I never said I wasn't high-strung. Somehow I got mostly everything together in time...though I left my thread box at home by accident. >.< I still had enough to start on one hat on the way up, at least. However, as it turns out, sewing in a car is a bad idea. I stopped after I jabbed myself with a needle a few times. >_<;

Despite my fears of vehicular explosions, Gold Fox and I got there in one piece. Actually, we were some of the first people there! I settled in and then it got really quiet. Yes, it was the bane of any IRL meetup of people who primarily know each other from the Internet-- the first few minutes are incredibly awkward because (in my opinion) text-based communication is really different from spoken communication.

Fortunately, we were able to break the ice by talking about how we'd set up an LAN in the park so we could talk in the way we were used to!

Also, a nice change from the previous meet was that has a new feature where you can print off nametags for people (ours had our avatars on them-- which, for most people, means their fursona.) This was a lot easier on me, I'm considerably more likely to remember things I read than things I just hear (unless it's hearing something to a rythym or song. Complicated, I know.)

Some people remembered me! Even though I had trouble remembering some of the furs! Or at least Aloisyous did. That was nice. Oh yes, and there was a puppy (an actual puppy, not someone with a dog fursona) that belonged to someone. She looked like a schnauzer mix of some kind, and was very friendly, she went right up to me! I patted her on the head a few times before I found other things that caught my attention. Asking Aloisyous about con badges was one of them. I have a slot for [ profile] feathertail and myself now, yay!

RouShu was already suiting up by the time I got there. ^_^ Her suit is awesome...and she had a sonic screwdriver! So jealous. ;_; Then its batteries ran out, and we discovered that sonic energy can fix everything except for itself.

Not long after that, Alsair, Riami, and Sandtiger showed up! There was ride-planning-discussing-time for FWA. Also, spontaneously combusting preachers-- the ultimate message from God! And Riami brought a large hadron collider! A suspiciously blue and fuzzy large hadron collider. In a plastic container. He insisted we not open it for the good of the world, but what's life without a little risk possibly ending in the end of the world as we know it? We did anyway.

Shockingly, the fuzzy blue large hadron collider was not really a fuzzy blue large hadron collider, but a fuzzy blue wolf fursuit! Nobody saw this development coming. Riami then opted to be self-conscious (yes, self-conscious furries exist...apparently) and refused to suit up out of fear of somebody seeing him. Like the wonderful friends we are, at least ten furries formed a circle around him to hide him from the prying eyes of small children and their parents, who were about the only people in the park at the time. I don't remember everyone who was in the circle-- I remember myself, Alsair, and LizTail for sure...I've got a terrible memory for faces, argh. x_x Most of the people I remember are the ones who were talking the most.

At any rate, even with that, it still took a great deal of coaxing and chants of "Put it on! Put it on!" before he finally suited up. In fact, Rose had already found her way there with two friends, and was in-suit and UNCOMFORTABLY ENTERGETIC by the time Riami was. But his suit was awesome (it was from Beastcub Creations, there's a guarunteed seal of quality for you) and so it was all good.

A small child and his mother (possibly one of the ones trying to spy on Riami) walked over to our very-large-at-this-point group and started playing fetch with RouShu and Rose, and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life. <3 I believe there were pictures taken of this, but I haven't found them yet.

Somebody-- I didn't see her nametag-- brought ferrets! Again, not people with ferret fursonas, but actual ferrets. I think their names were Dakota and Gizmo? Either way, they were also adorable, and thus my daily cuteness quotient was fulfilled.

Kodywolf snuck in while I was distracted by fursuiters, and brought boffer weapons! I then spent almost all of what time we had left at the park chasing people around with foam swords. Gold Fox, Alsair, Kiraeden, Kodywolf, and someone who I think was one of Xoven's friends all joined in on the fun at some point in time. It was awesome! More social events should involve hitting people with foam swords.

Once the foam weapons got put away, I got to try on RouShu's mask, and it was awesome like whoa. Even without my glasses on, I had a pretty clear field of vision, and it wasn't horribly heavy. It was surreal, though. And I found out from...somebody why North Carolina's con scene is so awful! It has to do with zoning laws...or something. Either way, it makes me mad. I did find out Xoven had gone to Animazement last year, though! He was one of the people who started the whole "Marco Polo" game which I may or may not have remembered to write about in my AZ con report.

Alas, we had to leave at some point in time, and around five-thirty-ish we packed up and headed off to the planetarium. I was carpooling with Rose and Gold Fox. We talked about...I don't even remember what, I was rambling on in my usual fashion. I remember singing along to the radio, though! We got there very early-- before the planetarium even opened-- and went off to a nearby deli for a snack/bathroom break. Both Rose and I were wearing tails and ears (and Gold Fox...may or may not have had his on, I don't remember) so this opted an explanation of what furry is. Of course it happened when I was in the restroom. x_x Bleh, I wish I was present for these things, I need to practice giving a concise and positive explanation. My epic battle had made me hungry, so I got a brownie as a snack and we were off the the planetarium again.

Planetarium time! We were early for the show (except for Alsair and company, who got lost) and so spent some time browsing the gift shop. Rose explained her diabolical plan to get a star named "Get In the Car." It's almost funnier if you don't know the whole story, but yes, it does involve lions.

And then there was the actual show itself! It was...well, it was okay. I remember it was about black holes, but I sort of space out (HAHAHAHA GET IT yeah sorry about that) during it because looking at pretty stars tends to make my mind wander.

After that, we broke off for something vaguely like dinner! Actually, what happened was myself and a group of other people who probably also have sweet tooths that override common dietary sense decided to run out and go to a creamery instead to get gelato and things. I got a chocolate-hazelnut kind and it tasted exactly like Nutella except as an ice cream. It was so, so good.

I talked computers and costuming with people, which carried over to the next bit of the meetup. LizTail, Xoven, Julian, and Kiraeden were involved at some given time. (Also, [ profile] feathertail will be happy to know that Xoven and Julian both use Linux. :P)

Speaking of the next part of the meetup! We decided to preemptively leave before the staff kicked us out. Everyone who wasn't half-aseep made their way over to HoneyPup and Julian's place, and played board games, video games, doodled, tinkered on computers, and talked. A Scrabble game broke out and I supervised. At some point in time, there was a perfect opportunity to spell "Tigerfox," and I was grievously disappointed nobody played it. It is too a word if you're a furry, I don't care what the dictionary says.

I pitched the idea of a crafter's meet (for sewing and stuff, Alsair and Rose are already in on it) to Honey Pup, and then spent a lot of time talking to Kiraeden. To the people who know me IRL: you know how I can start on a subject-- say, what dog breeds are the best-- and then five minutes later, the conversation topic has somehow changed to Native American history? Well, that's exactly what happened. Off the top of my head, the topics covered included energy drinks (regular Monster tastes like liquified Fun Dip! I'm not sure what that is, but it's probably an accurate assessment!) to failtastic schools to legal spyware to capitalism to furry art to Christian Dominionism to...well, you get the idea. I'm missing a lot of things, but I don't want to use up more space by listing them all. ._.;

And around one-thirty we had to leave because the non-nocturnal people needed sleep, and Gold Fox and I had a two-hour drive back ahead of us. The drive was uneventful, and for part of it I actually fell asleep sitting up. This never happens-- trust me, I've tried before. And it happened then without trying, I guess the adrenaline finally wore off.

I didn't actually get home until around three-thirty. My dad did not threaten to call the cops this time, thankfully. I...pretty much fell asleep right when I hit the bed, I was dead tired.

It wasn't until I woke up the next day and started thinking about what I'd write I realized something-- for the first time in ages, I didn't care what people watching me thought of me. In retrospect, I was wearing a tail and ears, surrounded by people in similar dress, and attacking them with what must have looked like (to a bystander) foam sticks. I didn't care then, and I still don't care now. I was having fun. It didn't even occur to me at the time to care like it should have.

You might not realize what a big deal that is unless you have social anxiety. Because I've been trying to figure out a way to not be paralyzed by self-doubt in social situations that doesn't involve drugs for years. To make a grand understatement, it's a nice change of pace, and I'm incredibly grateful to the subculture in general for making an atmosphere that allows me to feel accepted despite my many quirks.
All in all, it was an extremely fun, eventful Saturday, and now I'm really hyped for FWA. ^_^ But in the meantime, I'm loving going to these meets. :3
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