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2015-09-26 08:13 pm


To make this as short as possible: I will no longer be using Dreamwidth (or Livejournal) for any purpose. There's too many bad memories associated with here. In the event anyone wishes to keep contact with me for whatever reason, you'll have better luck finding me on tumblr or Twitter-- neither of which I will be making public for personal reasons. I'm likely going to be dissociating myself from a lot of my former online identities for similar reasons as well, and for that matter I'm going to be putting everything in this journal on private within the week.

If it matters to anyone, I'm actually doing better than I have in quite some time-- but there's certain elements I need to cut from my life. This is one.

If you'd like my Skype or other personal contact information, leave me a comment or send me a message. Otherwise, I'm gone.
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2011-02-27 11:50 pm

March 6th, 2011

Rrrrgh. It cannot come soon enough. *tailtwitch* I want my Pokemon now. ;_; I've been looking forward to this gen, I'm thinking about doing some more serious attempts at battling and such. I've been studying strategy since the second gen but I've never done much actual metagaming against people (mostly because I've never had anyone to play with.) I'm trying to change that, because I'm one of those weird people who think Pokeymonz fighting tiem can be fun.

I'm not the kind of person who goes crazy in-depth, I do go with certain natures and I do kinda-sorta lazily EV train (of the "well, I'm stuck in this cave, might as well pick off some Zubats for speed EVs kind) but that's about it. IVs are too much of a pain to deal with. I will tweak movesets and keep a conscious mind on having a balanced party...that being said, I do use Pokemon I like instead of whoever's most oober (Gaaaaaaaarchomp. fgsfds.)

So yeah, if anyone wants a trading/battle buddy, I'll try to get my team set up ASAP. ._.b
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2010-04-25 03:09 pm

*clears throat*

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Original composition; do not sue
Happy birthday to you!

Or not. >_> Anyway, expect presents at Animazement. ;P Since the cake is a lie (or so I hear) have some peach pie instead!
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2010-03-25 01:53 pm

Zero Hour

Well, in about two hours I'm going to be bailing out of NC and escaping to Atlanta. I'll be going out with [ profile] cybershepherd and some of his friends to meet [personal profile] feathertail and the NC furs. I have to say this is the first time I've been nervous about a con since my first time at AMA...though I'm still more nervous about plans falling through than anything else. ^^; I've haphazardly thrown a schedule together for myself, at least.

Wish me luck, guys. ._.b

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2010-03-15 06:58 pm

This Post is Only a Slight Exaggeration of the Truth

Today I realized it is now basketball season. In North Carolina, this can only mean one thing. 90% of the entire population here will now suffer from the collective delusion that people tossing spherical objects into hoops is the most important thing in the whole wide world, and may rabidly attack, verbally or physically, people who happen to be wearing shirts that support a different spheroid-throwing-tribe.

If anybody needs me, I'll be hiding out with a stockpile of food, energy drinks, Pokemon games, and sewing supplies until I can escape to FWA.
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2010-03-12 02:10 pm

dark_christianity on LJ...

My membership request there got accepted! Yay! *dance*

....Now I have over 1K entries to sift through so I can gain more information. ._. Oh well.

Aaaaaaand one of the first things I see? An entry on Michael Pearl. Rrrrrgh. *goes rabid and froths at the mouth a bit* My parents never read him, thankfully, but they did read James Dobson, who is marginally the lesser of two evils. And he brags about abusing his dog. Yeah. Now, the Pearls had lots of books in the YMCA library, and in the library of the first college I went to, and I'm sure the Kenersville library has some of their books too (it's just too far of a walk even for me, so I never go there.)

Oh, on a semi-related note, I found an interesting new word today: alterophobia. In the wake of the Sophie Lancaster case, people started using it to refer to fear of subcultures, especially lifestyle subcultures-- specifically goths, punks, et cetera. I've been studying subcultures for a while, and I've noticed a very strong pattern in the way the media and public at large reacts to them. I'm still trying to organize my thoughts, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a blog series on them?

And that about covers it, I think! I'll be interested to hear everyone's thoughts. ;) Any personal experiences you might have with being a subculture member might be useful as well (for those of you who are, or who have been raised in environments hostile to subcultures.) I've got my own to talk about, of course...
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2010-03-10 12:59 pm

The Reverend's Great Furmeet Odyssey

I went to my second furmeet yesterday at the park, and it was win. :D I had so much fun.

Cookouts and sparring and stargazing, oh my! )
All in all, it was an extremely fun, eventful Saturday, and now I'm really hyped for FWA. ^_^ But in the meantime, I'm loving going to these meets. :3
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2010-03-05 06:29 pm

A theme song for the pro-cure movement

Am I the only one who thinks that Poor Unfortunate Souls fits groups like Cure Autism Now perfectly (at least in terms of thematics?) I mean, listen to it! It's got everything-- the condescension, the downward spiral from sweet-talk into sheer aggressive crazy, the desire to make people change their fundamental selves, taking away someone's voice...

...Or maybe this is just a representation of my deepest desire to assign a theme song to every single thing somehow relevant in my life. >_> I dunno.

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2010-02-23 06:57 pm

Fortune favors the bold, but God favors the anarchist.

One day at the Belle Chere art festival last year, I ran into some young men carrying very large signs. This is not an uncommon sight at Belle Chere. Sometimes the signs offer free hugs, but most of the time it's your run-of-the-mill Baptist street preacher. There are lots of Baptist street preachers at Belle Chere. I think they clone themselves or something.

Either way, their cloning program was in high gear, because the sign-holders were indeed street preachers. These fellows had a wonderful message to share with the Belle Chere community which was as follows:



As an asexual furry metalhead anarchist Christian Mystic, I am relieved to know that I'm one of the lucky few whom God will accept into heaven. Maybe I'm just too metal for hell?

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2010-02-08 05:00 pm

Sometimes my mom surprises me.

Late last year, my mom and I were walking in the Reynolds shopping area, which is known to be a fairly upscale place. We had just finished shopping for Christmas presents for my sister, and were going to go get a late lunch. It had been snowing heavily, and though the parking lots were partially cleared there were still massive piles of snow everywhere.

We both noticed something while we were trying to find an entrance (the whole building was set up in a very odd way, and it didn't help we parked on the wrong side.) There was a handicapped entrance...but it didn't lead to the main entrance, it was hard to find, and there was a heap of snow shoveled right in front of it.

"Well." My mom said under her breath. "That's not very thoughtful."

I thought it was an unusual thing to notice for anyone. Accessibility of public buildings is not something most people give a lot of thought to. The fact it was coming from my mom, who I don't consider to be especially aware of disability rights concerns, it was doubly odd...and heartwarming.

And this is otherwise entirely unrelated, but speaking of heartwarming-ness...

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2010-01-06 09:13 pm



Also, after a ton of pattern and sewing-related errors and having to rip a lot of seams, I finally finished Sediea's hat and have a set of working templates I can use for future hats.

Pic in here! Also construction notes. )
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2009-12-24 09:21 pm

Good news this holiday season

Firstly, happy holidays everyone. ^_^ Hope everyone's is going well. For once, mine of course this means I have to talk about it. >_>

Is this Christmastime? )
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2009-12-06 11:06 pm
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2009-11-22 09:23 am

Writing/Sewing/Queue Update

Sediea's story is finally done! Actually it was done a few days ago, I just forgot to update here. ^^; Details, details. The story is here! It's also on my FurAffinity page if anyone's interested. I'm not especially proud of how it came out, but...well, it happened, and I think some of the ideas behind it were good.

So, basically right now my queue is looking like this...

Yeah, it's below the cut, along with more tl;dr )

Anyway, that's how things are going now. ^_^ Sorry it took so long to update, microblogging is so easy in comparison it's easy to forget about my main blog.
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2009-11-12 03:29 pm
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What's this? A *sewing* update?!

Just so you know I'm not dead, and actually working on things...

...I'm sewing while listening to death metal! )

A writing update will be forthcoming. I am almost done with Sediea's commission, and after hers is finished, I'll get to the rest of my queue. Then I'll be picking up some backlog...and Anomie is at the bottom of my list. That being said, I already have part of the third chapter written, so it isn't forgotten. ;) Just on the backburner.
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2009-10-17 10:40 pm

Queue update Mk. 2

Okay, I think I've worked out my limits here. ^^; No more work on Anomie 'til some stories are done. Everyone's will be done by the end of the week, starting with Sediea's.


Sediea: 45% done


Aleph: 20% done
Stormkit: 5% done

Personal stories

Anomie and Devils in the House of God are on hold until I finish Sediea's commission.

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2009-10-11 07:18 pm

Writing update

The second part to Anomie is finally up. I am really, really not happy with how long it took to update it. >.< Believe it or not, I had about a quarter to a third of the chapter finished, completely stalled on it for a few days, then finally gave up, scrapped what I had, and started over entirely. Yes, it was probably needed, and yes, it did turn out a lot better (and I like the direction a lot more now) but still...a whole week completely wasted. ._.

I'll update the queue status in a few days...for more play-by-play updates, check out my! It's like Twitter, but open-source so my morals are assuaged. I also think it's nicer on account of groups, which are kind of like LJ comms combined with a chatroom.

In the mean-time, I've had a bunch of ideas for random short stories and such. :3 Think I'm finally getting the hang of this. I'm going to save those ideas for something special,'ll all find out what eventually. ;)

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2009-10-09 01:06 am

Writer's Block: Job search

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Happy as a student? No way. >_> But yeah, I think there's definitely such a thing as a dream job. My aunt (a music teacher and professional events organizer) is living out her dream, for example.

Five to ten years from now, I'd want to be self-employed as a writer/costumer/freelance web-entrepreneur person. I've already got the writing part in alpha testing mode and even though I've definitely had a late start on sewing I'm doing the best I can to get to a decent skill level. It's not going to be easy, but nothing worthwhile is.
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2009-10-06 11:21 pm

Queue update!

As promised, here's the current commission/request queue and progress on my own stories! And the only reason my own projects are closer to being done is I didn't start taking requests and commissions until very recently.


Sediea: 20% done


Aleph: outlined
Stormkit: outlining

Personal stories

Anomie: the Will to Power (part 2): 80% done
Devils in the House of God: End of Innocence (part 1): 10% done

In other news, I finally figured out how to do a blanket stitch, a.k.a. the only other stitch I will ever need to learn (aside from a regular hemming stitch.) I'm going to be moving from cloth to felt and fleece now. The fact the cheap cloth I have keeps fraying for no reason, aside from being cheap, is one more reason to do this. >.>

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2009-10-05 10:23 pm

What the heck has Yurodivy been doing?

Ack ack ack. Okay, it's been way too long since I've updated my LJ. x_x Hopefully the crossposting from Dreamwidth will work. (Read about that on Feathertail's journal!)

Long story short, travel, school and preoccupation with some new projects got in the way. My travel logs are pretty dull and school is worse, so it's probably best to talk about the project.

And here it is. Oh yeah, I'm at the furry point of no return here. My writings and such now will primarily go here, as opposed to my hard drive which is where they'd been taking up residence before. I already have one story up, called Anomie! It's a collab between myself and Tachyon which will long it ends up being. I'm trying to teach myself to write on the fly here.

I'm open for commissions and requests right now! The commission/request guidelines are here. I do have a queue up, with one potential commission, a commission, and a request. When I get that sorted out I'll update the journal with a full queue.

This is the collab! It's written almost entirely by me (Tachyon did the first paragraph or so) and co-planned'd. Hopefully it's enjoyable. I did like writing it, and it's probably one of the first things I've genuinely enjoyed wriitng in a long time.

I'm also teaching myself to sew, and that could warrant some picture updates. Try not to laugh too hard at my efforts. >.>

Anyway, yeah, that's about what's been going on. Exciting, I know. I'll be posting the story links when I finish them as well, so that should give me some incentive to actually update. ^^;