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Name:The Reverend Yurodivy Kiranov
Birthdate:Jun 19
Location:North Carolina, United States of America
Website:Become Your Fursona
Some sort of strange chimeric mutant freak of nature creature. Likes lots of geeky things. Does creative artsy stuff too. May or may not be trying to overthrow the status quo. Probably a menace to society at any rate. Madly in love with Tachyon Feathertail, emphasis on the mad.

Interests (109):

abnormal psychology, all-new atom, alternate lifestyles, amberian dawn, ammon hennacy, anarchism, anarcho-pacifism, angels, arch enemy, asperger's syndrome, at vance, audiophilia, autism, autistic rights, avant-garde metal, ayreon, babylon 5, bats, blind guardian, blue beetle, book of ammon, caffeine, christian anarchism, christian mysticism, christianity, civil rights, comics, culture jamming, cynology, d20 modern, dead soul tribe, diablo swing orchestra, dogs, dr. horrible, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, dream theater, eluveitie, energy drinks, epica, eyes of eden, farscape, feathertail, feminism, firefly, folk metal, free/open source software, furries, furry art, furry fandom, furry fiction, fursuiting, gail simone, gaming, harry potter, holy blood, human rights, iaudio, kamelot, kigurumi, leo tolstoy, linux, manufacturing consent, megadeth, metal, music, native american mythology, neoclassical metal, neurodiversity, nightwish, noam chomsky, operatika, oppossums, philosophy, possums, power metal, progressive metal, pushing daisies, rping, second life, sewing, shadow gallery, shapeshifters, skullcandy headphones, subcultures, superhero fiction, suspyre, symphonic metal, symphony x, tales fanstories, tales of hearts, tales of rebirth, tales of symphonia, tales of the abyss, tales of vesperia, tales series, the agonist, the crest, theocracy, theology, thrash metal, transformation fiction, ubuntu, vision divine, were-animals, weres, wintersun, world of darkness, writing, x-men
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