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Okay, I think I've worked out my limits here. ^^; No more work on Anomie 'til some stories are done. Everyone's will be done by the end of the week, starting with Sediea's.


Sediea: 45% done


Aleph: 20% done
Stormkit: 5% done

Personal stories

Anomie and Devils in the House of God are on hold until I finish Sediea's commission.

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The second part to Anomie is finally up. I am really, really not happy with how long it took to update it. >.< Believe it or not, I had about a quarter to a third of the chapter finished, completely stalled on it for a few days, then finally gave up, scrapped what I had, and started over entirely. Yes, it was probably needed, and yes, it did turn out a lot better (and I like the direction a lot more now) but still...a whole week completely wasted. ._.

I'll update the queue status in a few days...for more play-by-play updates, check out my! It's like Twitter, but open-source so my morals are assuaged. I also think it's nicer on account of groups, which are kind of like LJ comms combined with a chatroom.

In the mean-time, I've had a bunch of ideas for random short stories and such. :3 Think I'm finally getting the hang of this. I'm going to save those ideas for something special,'ll all find out what eventually. ;)

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As promised, here's the current commission/request queue and progress on my own stories! And the only reason my own projects are closer to being done is I didn't start taking requests and commissions until very recently.


Sediea: 20% done


Aleph: outlined
Stormkit: outlining

Personal stories

Anomie: the Will to Power (part 2): 80% done
Devils in the House of God: End of Innocence (part 1): 10% done

In other news, I finally figured out how to do a blanket stitch, a.k.a. the only other stitch I will ever need to learn (aside from a regular hemming stitch.) I'm going to be moving from cloth to felt and fleece now. The fact the cheap cloth I have keeps fraying for no reason, aside from being cheap, is one more reason to do this. >.>

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Ack ack ack. Okay, it's been way too long since I've updated my LJ. x_x Hopefully the crossposting from Dreamwidth will work. (Read about that on Feathertail's journal!)

Long story short, travel, school and preoccupation with some new projects got in the way. My travel logs are pretty dull and school is worse, so it's probably best to talk about the project.

And here it is. Oh yeah, I'm at the furry point of no return here. My writings and such now will primarily go here, as opposed to my hard drive which is where they'd been taking up residence before. I already have one story up, called Anomie! It's a collab between myself and Tachyon which will long it ends up being. I'm trying to teach myself to write on the fly here.

I'm open for commissions and requests right now! The commission/request guidelines are here. I do have a queue up, with one potential commission, a commission, and a request. When I get that sorted out I'll update the journal with a full queue.

This is the collab! It's written almost entirely by me (Tachyon did the first paragraph or so) and co-planned'd. Hopefully it's enjoyable. I did like writing it, and it's probably one of the first things I've genuinely enjoyed wriitng in a long time.

I'm also teaching myself to sew, and that could warrant some picture updates. Try not to laugh too hard at my efforts. >.>

Anyway, yeah, that's about what's been going on. Exciting, I know. I'll be posting the story links when I finish them as well, so that should give me some incentive to actually update. ^^;


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