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Jun. 5th, 2009 02:10 am
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Stolen from DeviantArt, dunno maker, etc. I put way more thought into this than most sane people would. >_> Except I'm doing a TF meme so obviously I'm not sane anyway.

1: If you could become anything you wanted, anthro or non, what would it be?

Um...if I had to pick just one, probably the hybrid form of my three fursonas. Id' rather be a polywere switching between all four of them, though.

2: Why do you want to become this one in particular?

I don't have a hybrid form so much as I like the way they blend together, but rather because of questions like this. >.> And I really do have trouble picking just one, since they all represent painfully repressed emotions or actions.

3: What makes this change so appealing?

Jeez, where to start? Firstly...I really, desperately want to be able to fly. Like, if I'm playing a game where you have the ability to fly somehow, I'll spend inordinate amounts of time just zooming around.

Secondly...not to mince words, I hate the way I look most of the time. Human features just look *wrong* on me somehow. I feel most at ease when I'm pretending to be someone else, or at least not acting or dressing how people know me.

Thirdly, I hate the way human skin feels. I can't even make skin-to-skin contact with *myself*, much less another person. Fur would make things so much easier. Except for having to wash it.

4: If you could only have ONE part of that creature changed onto you, what would it be? [Ex: Wings, tail, muzzle, skin, etc. etc.]

Wings, beyond a shadow of a doubt. As long as I'd be able to fly with them. >.> If that's not physically possible...probably ears.

5: Why that particular aspect?

Like I said before, I desperately want to fly. As for ears, I just think they look cute. I usually wear a beanie with felt canine ears.

6: What problems do you see of becoming this creature in the society and reality we live in?

Small things first...fur. Imagine having to wash all that. ;_; It's like hair, except...everywhere. It'd weigh a ton just getting out of the shower. And I'd probably shed. And it would take forever to dry, even with a hairdryer. Secondly, wings. Doors are not made for people with wings.

Speaking of wings, tearing wing leather would be awful. Especially if it somehow happened in flight, because that might involve plummeting to my death. >.> And I guess it could be stitched up, but I'd have to find a wildlife veterinarian or something to do that, and that would raise some uncomfortable questions when they see what I am. And I can't afford hush money. XD Heck, I probably couldn't afford most vet bills. Maybe I'd have to get pet insurance on myself or something.

Thirdly, human things are not made for anthros, obviously. I'd have to learn how to type with claws, sit down without hurting my tail, talk so I didn't sound really weird, possibly struggle with animal instincts, and so on and so forth.

And that's not even getting into society's reaction. I think media attention would be the least of my worries. ^^; I could see a lot of poking and prodding as to exactly how I became a half-human half-animal freak of nature. Possibly of the science-y sort. I might have to just go be a hermit somewhere very isolated.

7: What would be he first thing you did upon having such a change?

Hide under the covers and wait for the "dream" to end.

8: Would you let anyone else in on how you made the change?

I'd be afraid what people would do with it...I might let some trusted people know, especially if I felt like they need it, but I wouldn't post it for all the world to see. It's more a precaution in case some fur decides to turn himself into a predatory anthro and rip the throats out of anyone who ever got in his/her way/has gotten in his/her way. Though come to think of it, if they were that dangerous, they'd have gotten a gun before that and...well, you get the idea. >.> So...I guess I might, but it'd take a lot of courage for me to come out with the answer.

9: If it was a one way trip, and you couldn't change back, would you still do it?

Uhhhhh...I'm not even sure myself. ._. There are times when I'd say "Heck yes!" but mostly I like the idea of being a were and having the ability to shift forms. I kind of romaticize the idea of living that double life. Plus, it would be way more convenient for reasons that should be somewhat apparent.

10: If it was reversible, would you stay in that form or your human form more often?

Alone or with close friends, I'd probably spend almost all of my time as an anthro, especially if I can get used to typing with claws. If social interaction were involved (except at a furry con :3) then I'd keep to human form.

(This is giving me story ideas. D: )

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