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Fursona meme!

Hey look, it's a meme!

1. What animal is your fursona?

I'm a bat/possum/dog polywere, equal parts of each. :3 I can also shift between those three animals, but I prefer to keep in a hybrid form.

2. If it wasn't this animal, what would it be?

Well...I've got a kind of secondary fursona that's a hyena/weasel/vulture hybrid. She's secondary because she's more of a story/costuming/RP character who happens to be a self-insert of sorts.

3. Got any pics that you like? (Of either the animal or your fursona itself.)

Yes, actually! There is my icon, of course, and a few others:

This is myself and my mate [personal profile] feathertail ! This is done by Snowsilver of DeviantArt.

And here's another one based on the TF story [personal profile] feathertail wrote for me! The art is by Virmir.

4. When did you know that this animal was your fursona?

Well, this is a hard one to answer...I think I've always been a furry and just made various efforts to cover it up. >.> And I've always liked dogs and used them as kind of a self-representation/avatar on the Internet. And I've always liked bats and wanted to fly. I didn't start identifying with possums until recently, and appropriately enough I didn't start getting into anarchist theory in earnest until recently. (I'd read some before, but I wouldn't have been able to tell you about anyone other than Tolstoy or Ammon Hennacy.)

5. What does this animal mean to you?

Get a drink and a snack, this might take a while.

The dog side of me is a metaphorical representation of my spirituality, as inspired by St. Christopher, the cynocephali (that's "guy with the head of a dog" for the layfolk), and patron saint of travelers. He's also one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, so apparently God approves of furries.

The possum represents anarchism and individuality...possums are solitary animals; they don't answer to anyone. And the possum is considered to be a symbol of the American South, and I'm sure we've all heard of Southern rebels, right? Though in all seriousness, North Carolina was a hotbed of rebellious sentiment in the colonial days, so it seems appropriate in that context. :P

The bat part of me is a bit harder to explain, but it's least one species of bats actually creates individualized songs (of a sort) during flight. Plus, flying seems like it'd be the most creatively stimulating thing ever. >.> I imagine flying all the time to try and kick my imagination into gear.

Now, going onto my name...the yurodivy were trickster-saints of Russia. They acted in strange, nonconformist ways, and frequently spoke in riddles. The wisest of people were able to see past their eccentric exterior and recognize the Godly wisdom they held. The yurodivy are something of role models for me, and yes...I do model myself after them a bit. My fursona is a yurodivy, and the three symbolic species represent the key "parts" of being a yurodivy: spirituality (closeness to God), individuality (anti-authoritarian tendencies/being unbeholden to earthly authorities), and creativity (the creation of parables, riddles, and the mindset needed to act in nonconformist ways.)

So yeah. >.> I probably way overthought that.

6. What qualities do you feel you have in common with this animal?

Hmm, well...I'm usually very group-oriented, like bats or dogs are. I like having my "flock" (of plushies) piled around me when I'm going to sleep. I tend to be really close to the people I'd call my best friends, possibly to the point of seeming clingy. >.>  But I have a solitary aspect to me, hence the possum...I need my alone time. And I'm usually very shy. Possums are also survivalists (in the metaphorical sense), which is how I'm starting to see myself. They seem unassuming, but they're tough little creatures with a lot of tenacity.

Bats are one of the few animal species to exhibit altruism, so it figures theyr'e also misunderstood. A lot of bats have kind of a bizarrely cute look about them I think would suit me. Plus I'm a fruit bat, so I'm weird but harmless. >_> Oh...and very nocturnal, which is also a possum quality.

I speak dog fluently, and I've worked at an animal shelter for nearl two years running now. Again, I've identified with dogs for a long time. Corgis are basically dead-on to my personality, I can't think of a dog breed I'm more like. We're both high-energy, intelligent (if I may say so myself), hardy...and short.

On that note, I've found that looking at human group dynamics in the way I might look at pack/flock dynamics helps me to understand human behavior a lot better. When I started seeing myself as an entity that was mostly group-oriented but had a solitary side...well, it made me make a lot more sense.

7. In what ways do you try to become your fursona? Do you dress up, write stories, draw pictures, etc.?

I'm mostly a writer, but I'll be getting into costuming soon. I also spend a lot of time daydreaming about being my fursona...and I just see myself as being...well, fursona-me in real life.

8. Would you want to physically become your fursona in real life?

Ye-- n-- maybe. I'd like to be a were/shapeshifter so I could choose when I'm my fursona and when I'm not, if that's an option. If not, I'm honestly not sure. Like right now I would say "yes" but there are times when I wouldn't want to be, or just couldn't decide out of fear of the consequences.

9. You're changing into your fursona! What's the first thing you're going to do?

Panic. When/if I get over it I'd probably try flying.