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I LOVE my new AnthroXtacy avatar. I've spent most of my time in SL since I got it just flying around and tweaking the settings. There's something indescribably awesome about having a something to point to and say "If I were to be able to chose my appearance in real life so that it would match how I feel on the inside, this is what I would look like." Anyway, I figured since I have it and I haven't seen any reviews for it, I might as well do one. Check it out below the cut! (Pics to come soon, BTW.)

This is my first time having an AnthroXtacy avatar, and I'm extremely pleased with the results, as you have most likely inferred. As far as basic specs go, there are a number of modifiable traits on the bats. For the record, the eyes (separately modifiable if you want odd-eyes) and the wing/ear leather are both modifiable in terms of colors, and there's an option to have holes in your wings for a more ragged look. Personally, I just think it looks weird, and I'm not sure if I can suspend my disbelief on how I would be able to fly with holes in my wings. In addition, you can have either arm-wings for people like me who prefer four-limbed fursonas, or back-wings for those who like the six-limbed look. After a bit of goofing around with settings, I went with both. Though they sometimes run together (with one wing poking through the other in some poses) it gives the bats a slick, unique look I haven't seen in any other bat avatars. Additionally, the fangs are optional and can be detached with a whisper command, and you can change noses to either a flying fox-like one, as I have, or a leaf-nose for microchiropteran fursonas.

As with most avatars in the AnthroXtacy line, bats get the nifty AnthrospeeX ability. For those not in the know, it basically makes graphical chatting a bit more realistic by animating the muzzle of their avatars so it looks like they're actually speaking. Also animated are the ears (with options for them to twitch and fold backwards) and tongue (for when the :P emoticon just won't do, I guess.) And yes...your wings flap when you fly.

As another bonus, the avatar is automatically updated, freeing you of the need to pay for an update. Or at least that was my understanding of the update.

Like most AnthroXtacy avatars, they're a nice balance between toonyness and realism. It's enough realism to make me feel like I'm looking at a being that could exist, but enough toonyness to not slide into Uncanny Valley. I seriously considered Luskwood's bats, but they're just not what I'm looking for-- they almost have a babyfur-ish vibe to them, and were notably more expensive. Though not as bad as some of the feral avatars I've seen-- yikes! Quadruple-digit range there. >.> (In Linden dollars, mind you.) The bats cost about L$ 750, if I am remembering correctly (can't check right now, SL runs badly when I'm on IE at the same time, I'll edit if I'm wrong.) That's only about $3 in RL money, if that, and it's definitely worth the price.

Overall, I would emphatically recommend AnthroXtacy's bats to anyone looking for a more realistic bat avatar. Our pickings are a bit slim...though to be fair, not as slim for non-husky/shepherd dog avatars, or possums. *ahem* (Yes, I know, you could probably mod a rat to look like a possum, but I'm still a terrible modeler.) They quite simply look cool, well-put together, and despite some minor graphical glitches with having two sets of wings, they're just fun to look at.

And now that I have that out of the way...why isn't it Friday yet? ;_; I want to go to Animazement...I've got a shopping list and a to-do list and everything. (Heading up there with [ profile] chimoari and Zylaa of The Flying Toasters fame will be there on Saturday!) Also, Chi, don't let me forget about bringing up Legendia and my comics. >_> So, I'm not cosplaying this year due to financial constraints, but finding someone I could go as where I won't have to pay an absurd amount of money to do so (being that I'm saving up for a fursuit here, and it's my primary concern) is one of the things on my to-do list. I am more than a little in love with the idea of cosplaying and just costuming in general. It's the chance to break away from my anxiety problems, I suppose. Again, I'd rather have a fursuit, but quite frankly doing either is my idea of a good time.

On the bright side, there's a dealer that's selling tails, so I might *finally* have a tail to go with my ears. And Aardvark T-Shirts will be there. I want the "Steampunk is the new black!" one so, so badly. See, I have to plan these things out in advance because otherwise I *will* overspend. >_> It's not so much kid in a candy store as it is starving person in a candy store. I almost never get opportunities to spend money like this, and when I do...well...let's just say the end results aren't kind on my bank account.

Nonetheless, I'm still looking forward to this. XD Expect a con report!

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